Winners' stories

Over £1,000 worth of prizes up for grabs each week!

You could join the many others who have won. Here's what some previous winners had to say.

Photo of Mr Williams

Mr Williams

When Mr Williams found out he’d won he was “delighted”. He says, “it was remarkable as I’d only just bought my tickets". What does Mr Williams plan to spend the money on? “Purchasing euros for my holiday in Corfu”. He says “I feel indebted to all members of our armed forces who risk their lives, and if I can help veterans at all, it is satisfying”.

Photo of Mr Tiddy

Mr Tiddy

Mr Tiddy was delighted when he became one of our lottery winners: “Thank you for my cheque - it is the most I have won”. We asked Mr Tiddy why he plays the weekly lottery and he said it is part of his way to “try to help as many charities as I can”. When you play our weekly lottery, you are buying a ticket that can change a life. You get to make a difference and possibly win a prize yourself! As Mr Tiddy says, “The little I can give will go a long way to help”.

Photo of Mr Seddon

Mr Seddon

“Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I opened your letter to see I had won!” says Mr Seddon. How will Mr Seddon be spending his winnings? He says, “I love going out on day trips so this will pay for a few”. Mr Seddon says he chooses to support Blind Veterans UK because “I think they do a wonderful job”.

Photo of Miss Shutler

Miss Shutler

Miss Shutler welcomed the news that she was our lottery winner the Friday that she won, as her cat had been ill and just spent three weeks in the pet hospital. Miss Shutler was “excited and relieved” to win the prize and says that it “will pay for the blood tests”. Miss Shutler has glaucoma. She says she knows “what it’s like to have poor eyesight”. Miss Shutler can play our lottery knowing that she is making a difference for ex-Service men and women rebuilding their lives after sight loss.


I took a chance and won a prize in the first week! It feels good that my entry money goes to helping Blind Veterans UK support people in need.

John, weekly lottery winner